The scent of things to come at Manon.

Posted on May 06, 2018 by Alix Burnett

Founded in 1643, Cire Trudon is the oldest wax-producing factory worldwide. It was the provider of the royal court of Louis XIV, as well as most of the great churches of France.

Cire Trudon had become the biggest wax-producing factory in the French Kingdom during the 17th and 18th century. In 1762, in his encyclopaedia The art of the wax producer, engineer Duhamel du Monceau, praises the skills of the Trudons and gives the manufacture as an example. Such a level of quality earned Charles Trudon the appointment by King Louis XIV as Count Trudon des Ormes.

Cire Trudon represents time-honored skills. Today the former Royal Wax Manufacturer continues to make candles in France with extreme care. Discover the world and history of Cire Trudon.


Manon Cire Trudon from Saul on Vimeo.

Beautiful Phryne

Posted on February 25, 2018 by Liz Toussaint

Phryne lived in Athens, around 300-400 BC.  She was a courtesan with a reputation, mostly for stepping nude into the sea with her hair down during festivals. 

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Another Spring Day

Posted on November 08, 2017 by Alix Burnett

Beautiful spring is well and truly here.  Why not splash out on a gorgeous authentic urn or marble topped garden table with a carved sandstone base.  You will be blissfully secure in the knowledge you won't find another one like yours.....anywhere.  A unique and elegant piece straight out of an English garden and brought all the way to sunny Australia.

The garden, recently sold by us, was designed and the pieces installed by Manon.

Manon from Saul on Vimeo.

Off Trend

Posted on June 04, 2017 by Alix Burnett

Shopping in a purposeful way starts with knowing what your personal style is and what your needs are. Fashions move in cycles, so don’t let current trends dictate your taste. If you buy something you love, it will hold your interest and it will last.

Try where possible, to steer away from what is currently 'in' because that can go 'out' very quickly and what you think is an up-to-date and on-trend style is quickly pigeonholed into a particular fashion era.

One of the more gauche is the current insistence in using what look like salad bowls as bathroom benchtop basins.  Totally impractical and simply not clever.

Stick with the classics, the things you love and are useful but are also beautiful to look at, and not only will it look satisfyingly good, it will save you a load of money in the long run.  

Searching for an elegant country abode - we have just the place.

Posted on March 15, 2017 by Alix Burnett

We just know that someone is itching to relocate to the rural village of Bungendore just outside Australia's Capital City, Canberra, and where Manon is located.  

Built in 1885, this quintessential Australian building has all the character typical of historic properties but with the added bonus of a spacious contemporary addition that is entirely understated elegance.  

Some of our stunning antique mirrors are featured as well as one of our gorgeous 19th century urns, which is positioned in the garden - and doesn't it all look just fabulous. 


Rosebank from Alix Burnett on Vimeo.


A Winter's Welcome.

Posted on March 25, 2016 by Alix Burnett

And now that the weather in Australia is cooling as we head from Autumn to Winter, it is the perfect time to consider engaging a landscape architect or designer to review and restyle your outdoor living rooms. 

The gardens we cater to are well considered and well designed with attention to detail.  Elegance is always a prerequisite and the addition to the garden, of a century old piece, adds refined grace and dignified propriety to any garden, large or small.


A Summer & Winter Christmas

Posted on December 25, 2015 by Megan Taylor

Unlike the UK, in Australia, we have long, hot summer Christmases which can be uncomfortably warm.  So this year, we decided to head to the greener and cooler fields of England.....and do a bit of shopping.

There are places that you just know you are going to find agreeable - even before you get there and the Charlotte Street Hotel in London, looked to be one such place.     

Arrival is pretty special with the reception room with its lovely roaring fire and club chairs and an unidentifiable statue welcoming visitors at the entry.

At reception, there was a large group of French nationals trying to check-in at the same time and there was an unseemly scrum at the desk, which was all very entertaining

Alix and I don’t like coming second - just see us in the queue for speedy boarding on Qantas Airlines, but, this time, we had to settle for second.

It does feel slightly 21st-century embarrassing checking in as two heterosexual women. Alix and I always make a point of saying too loudly, two single rooms!

"We’re together but not like that," she says.  

Elsewhere the size of the room would rate as a "suite" and there are views of the London skyline and green tree canopies everywhere. 

A much cooler Christmas in a very warm environment.  

We do love all things English.